Churchgate provides critical transaction support services by acting as an extension of management teams. This enables management to continue to focus on their core strategic and operating priorities, whilst accessing our capital markets and M&A expertise.

Pre-IPO Advisory

Advise clients on key considerations including bookrunner selection, ensuring consistent and optimal positioning of the equity story, monitoring valuation during the process and preparation for the roadshow. Seamless transition into IR advisory post-offering.

Private Fundraising

Advise clients on key considerations including placement agent selection, prepare information memorandum and management presentations to ensure optimal company positioning and monitor valuation during the process.

M&A/Joint Ventures

For domestic corporates pursuing acquisitions abroad or international companies seeking initial entry opportunities in India, Churchgate provides a team with significant investment banking expertise based throughout India, US and Europe. We act as an extension of management on the ground and commonly work alongside investment banks and consulting firms.

Churchgate (Marathi: चर्चगेट) is an area in downtown South Mumbai (formerly Bombay). The local station gets its name from Church Gate street (now Veer Nariman Road) which lies just south of the station. During the 18th and up to the mid 19th century, Bombay was a walled city with three gates; Church Gate, named after St. Thomas Cathedral in Mumbai was one of the gates.

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